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Evergreens Fleece Baby Beanie

Evergreens Fleece Baby Beanie

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Indulge in the enchantment of our Fleece Baby Beanie, where warmth meets whimsy in the most charming way. Each hat is a soft cocoon of comfort adorned with hand-painted details, creating a cozy haven for your little one.

Evergreens Fabric: Immerse your baby in the cool, calming embrace of our Evergreens fabric. Featuring hues of icy gray, turquoise, teal, and an olive green, this collection brings the serenity of nature to your baby's wardrobe. Like a stroll through a winter forest, these hats embody tranquility and style.

Size: Designed for babies aged 3 to 6 months, our hats guarantee a snug fit for heads up to 17 inches in diameter. Our sweet model, a 5-month-old bundle of joy, exemplifies the adorable charm these hats bring to every precious moment.

Material: Our fleece is not just soft; it's a low-loft 100% polyester napped fabric that defines cuddliness. Lightweight and slightly stretchy, it provides the perfect balance – the cozy feel of traditional fleece with half the weight and thickness, ensuring your baby stays warm without a hint of overheating.

Care: Busy parents, we've simplified the care routine. Toss these hats in the wash separately with cool water on a gentle machine cycle. For that extra layer of love, machine dry using a low-temperature setting, and rescue them promptly to maintain their wrinkle-free charm.

Wrap your little one in the irresistible luxury of our Fleece Baby Beanie, where warmth and style come together in a symphony of comfort. Because every baby deserves to be wrapped in love and snuggled in the most charming way!

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