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Turquoise Floral Double Zipper Pouch

Turquoise Floral Double Zipper Pouch

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Introducing our versatile and stylish Double Zipper Pouch – a chic canvas creation that effortlessly combines functionality with fashion. This dynamic accessory, featuring a turquoise background adorned with a playful pink, mustard, and white floral design, is your go-to solution for staying organized in style.

Multi-Purpose Marvel: Designed with adaptability in mind, this pouch is more than just a cosmetic haven. Whether you choose to use it as a makeup pouch, a project bag, an organizational marvel for your totes, an essential holder for diapers, or a backpack organizer, its functionality knows no bounds.

Perfectly Proportioned: With a size of 9" wide by 6" tall, this pouch strikes the perfect balance between compact convenience and ample storage space, making it an ideal companion for your daily endeavors.

Intricate Details:

  • Floral Canvas Magic: The exterior is crafted from a canvas fabric featuring a delightful pink, mustard, and white floral design, adding a touch of whimsy to your organization routine.

  • Geometric Elegance: Open up to a thoughtfully chosen pink and mustard geometric canvas interior, creating a visually appealing contrast that speaks to your unique style.

  • Zip It Up: Two metal zippers take center stage – a mustard hue on top for the main compartment and a contrasting pink on the front zipper pocket, ensuring easy access and secure closure.

  • Structured Sophistication: Fleece interfacing provides just the right amount of structure, allowing the pouch to maintain its stylish form while accommodating your essentials.

  • Tassel Temptation: The turquoise-colored tassel serves as a charming zipper pull, adding a playful touch to this already delightful accessory.

Elevate your organization game with our Double Zipper Pouch – a canvas creation that seamlessly blends practicality with a pop of personality. Whether it's for your beauty essentials or on-the-go must-haves, this pouch is your ticket to staying organized in style.


Machine wash cold water, lay flat to dry. Iron, if desired.

All products in eco-friendly materials

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Pouch pattern by SotakCo.

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